Alpena Mixed Beach Volleyball League Rules

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100% of dues to be paid before Captains Meeting, NO EXCEPTIONS.

A $50 late fee will be added if it is not.

Rules apply to both Tuesday and Thursday league!! 


A. Net Play

  1. The number one rule in beach volleyball is you cannot touch the net when ball is in play, no exceptions. Players are required to call their own net touches or opposing team can call a player for touching the net.
  2. You may go completely under the net into your opponent’s court as long as there is no interference with the opponent.
  3. The ball must cross the net anywhere, but not outside the vertical plane of net.
  4. The ball can be played back to one’s side of the net if it has crossed within the imaginary extension of the net posts on the sides of the court or under the net. The ball must travel over the net, if it travels over the wire, posts, or outside the posts the play is dead.
  5. The “let” serve is now played on the beach. Serves hitting the net and going over are in play.

B. Playing the Ball

  1. Soft dink (open hand, fingertip) is not allowed. Ball must be cleanly hit or “pop” off the hand. The ball must be hit, not caught, thrown, or lifted.
  2. When digging a hard-driven spike it can be double-hit and momentarily lifted.
  3. With the exception of the hard-driven spike or block, you can never double-hit the ball. If you receive the serve open handed it must be with finger tips. No open hands lifts, catch & throws are allowed.
  4. A touch on the block will NOT count as one of the three contacts allowed per team. Each team is entitled to a maximum of three hits for returning the ball over the net.
  5. The ball can be played with all parts of the body. No double contact, one touch per player except on hard spikes.
  6. “Set Over” Any open-hand pass/set that carries over the net is illegal.
  7. “Shooting” The only way you can push the ball over the net is a “Shoot”. The ball must go in the direction square to the shoulders when shot, with no rotation on the ball.
  8. When serving the server must clearly release or toss the ball before contacting it for serve.
  9. A player may only have one toss per serve attempt. If the ball, after having been tossed or released by the server, lands without being touched or caught by the server, it is considered a service and no further service attempt will be permitted.
  10. It is illegal to move the court boundaries during the serving motion, even if the movement is caused by sand. Ball is consider in when inside the boundary lines or hits the boundary line.
  11. The server’s teammate must not prevent the opponents, through screening, from seeing the server or the path of the ball. On an opponent’s request, a player must move sideways, bend over or bend down.
  12. “Continuation” still exists in the beach game, meaning that, for example, if you touch the net after spiking a ball it is still a “net call” even if the spike hit the sand before you touched the net.
  13. “Breaking the Plane” A defensive player may not cross the plane of the net during the course of the offensive contacts with the ball. Following the third and final offensive contact with the ball, a defensive player may cross
    the plane of the net (block) as long as that action does not interfere with the offensive player.
  14. “Attacking the Serve” A defensive player may not contact the serve at the net with a forward (swiping) motion or block. If the front person is going to make contact with the ball – If the ball is hit above his/her shoulders (setting style hit) it MUST be played back to that person’s team and NOT go over the net. If the front player does a bump style hit, it CAN go over the net.
  15. “A ” League only: A serve can NOT be received with open hands. Example is a setting motion. Serve needs to be received with a solid one contact motion. B1 should try and go by this rule so there are ready to move up to A in the future
  16. Antennas: anything that crosses over top of antenna, dead ball. Ball outside of antenna, dead ball. Ball touches the actual antenna, dead ball (ball is allowed to touch the antenna sleeve that runs vertical with the net, not the actual antenna). Basically, if the ball goes over the antenna, outside of the antenna or hits the antenna = dead ball. June 20121

C. Protocol

  1. The team captain is responsible for maintaining team conduct and discipline. Disputed plays must be addressed by team captain only. On disputed play, if it cannot be resolved it is best to just replay the point over.
  2. Players call their own nets and balls in or out. Sideline postings of non-players cannot call balls in or out.
  3. The players are free to position themselves. There are NO determined positions on the court. However when serving players must follow a set rotation. A service order fault is committed when he service is not made according to the service order resulting in lose of serve.
  4. Switch sides with opponent every 5 points.
  5. Games will be played best out of 3 employing the Rally Format. The first 2 games will be played to 21 points, win by 2 point. Winner is the first to 25 Points. The 3rd game will be played to 21 points. Winner is the first to 21.
    The captain of the winning team is responsible to report the win to the commissioner immediately following the conclusion of the match.
  6. Teams will be co-ed and females must play in a on court rotation per game. There can be no more than four players on the court and if opposing team agrees you may play with as little as 3 players (l Girl) or just 2 Male players. Teams forfeit games if you cannot field players.
  7. Games start at 6:00pm. Teams forfeit game #l after 10 minutes if they cannot field players. Teams forfeit the match after 20 minutes. (This also goes for playoffs)
  8. There is NO Coaching from a team member on the sidelines, (person not in the game) Example: A player can not yell “out” if the ball looks like it is heading out of bounds to give their team an advantage to play or not to play the ball. Also all players NOT playing but are are on the team need to stand 9 ft from the lines. Players only on the courts can coach, (yell out, tell teammate where to hit, etc etc )
  9. A player must play 3 weeks of regular season to be eligible to play in playoffs (this is NOT 3 games but 3 weeks) June 2021
  10. No pickup games allowed during finals day until all championship games have been played…
  11. There is a 12 man roster limit, this rule was implemented in June 2020
  12. Shoes are not permitted on the court during play, sand socks only are permitted

D. Rule Violations

  • 1st If you try and add player to your roster after the cutoff date for Tuesdays and Thursdays League we will know about it. Don’t try and back date the waiver because that is a flaw in the website. We know when a player has signed up on and added to the team in the website also get emails. Any player signed up after this date is ineligible to play and if played wins will be forfeited.
  • 2nd If you did NOT sign up it is too late and you cannot play. This was brought up at the captains meeting and teams had plenty of time to get you on the roster. We have rules for a reason. This is also a liability issue. We will not tolerate teams adding people late. A player has to play 3 weeks to be eligible to play in playoffs (trust me teams keep track of other teams weekly, we seen pics and teams taking notes on this subject in the past)
  • 3rd We will NOT tolerate irate behavior on the courts. Any fighting, name calling will have consequences. 1st offense is a warning, 2nd offense game suspension, 3rd offense kicked out rest of the year, 4th offense banned from the league.
  • We will not put up with drama in this league!! These rules are not made by one person but by the committee involving 5 people. When a concern comes up we talk about and agree on what should be done about it.